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joseph jones
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I much enjoy writing ^.^
I posted a journal a while ago about a series mimicking the Avengers in a way, but with various creepypasta characters, official fan-fiction style. It's still in "production", as in, the original episodes I had written were lost when my laptop died and I had to switch to my backup for writing stories. I remembered mostly everything, but still, the episodes have gone through several rewrites (the outlines anyway), but now I have up to four season's planned out.

There is, however, something I think needs to be said. I don't know if it's been going on for longer and I've missed it, or if it really is recent, but the whole of creepypasta seems to have come under a lot of scrutiny lately. All the wannabe critiques have suddenly gotten their own websites and youtube channels over night and now I can't even read the comments in MrCreepyPasta's videos any more. Clockwork isn't original and blah, blah, blah. Eyeless Jack and Jeff were badly written stories. The fact that Sally was raped as a child and becomes a ghost has no point and doesn't make sense. Oh, another pointless killer for the fangirls. 

I have always been the guy that sits in the back row while the history class discusses politics. The cermit (kermit?) the frog meme, the 'but it's none of my business', that's what I am. I've never bought more lipton tea than when I first saw that. The internet has done it's duty and given everyone the mind-set that their opinion matters. Many a time I've scrolled down facebook wondering why everyone is so insistent upon shoving their opinion down my throat (but then, Oh! Kittens!), but that's what facebook is there for. 

So, the point I'm making; I'm writing this because I like creepypasta, even the badly written ones, and I love to write. As far as characters go, Jeff, Clockwork, Toby, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack and everyone else aren't that bad. I'm not looking for stories to be Oscar Nominated for their 'originality', I'm looking for entertainment, because I'm human, and I like what I like. 

Now that I'm done with my little opinion column, onto what to look forward to for the series. I'll go ahead and tell you who you'll be seeing, at least a few of them;

Jeff the Killer (can you handle it?)-…
Eyeless Jack-…
Ticci Toby- Ticci-Toby
Slenderman, Hoodie and Masky-…
Jane the Killer-…
The Grey Man-…
BEN Drowned-…
Puppeteer-  Creepy Pasta: The Puppeteer
I had this doll for quite a while now. 
It was a beautiful porcelain doll. You know, the way that most porcelain doll looks like. I was just like that. Wavy, long blonde curls. Black eyes. A beautiful pink and red dress with a typical headband with lace around the edges. It was a doll I received from my mother at an early age. At that age I always thought it was such a pretty doll - A perfect look. My grandmother had almost fifty dolls of that kind. All of them beautiful, perfect porcelain dolls. But this one in particular, the blonde with the red dress, I will always remember. 
Because this is the one that would be the death of me.
I lived alone for quite awhile, had now. I had just gotten into college, seeing my whole life lay in front of me and all I had to do was to just go and pick out what I wanted. Easy as that. I was aiming for Psychology - A subject I had started to respect and enjoy the last three years. Seeing as my mother was a nurse and my dad a therapist, It was

Others will appear, but for now, I'll let you imagine the chemistry between these blokes. And Jane the Killer? Why yes. I think the original story involving her, the radio-play Jeff vs Jane by MrCreepyPasta wasn't really that bad. All the characters created on DeviantArt belong to their original owners. And I put Marble Hornets for Slenderman because I've got to have something. He really just belongs to the whole internet. But Hoodie and Masky really are created by Marble Hornets, so you should check out the whole series some time. The ending was epic. 

There namely two other non-creepypasta things that will appear in the series. The SCP (Search Contain Protect) will be a very big part of it, and while closely related with Creepypasta, it isn't strictly speaking part of the 'genre'. Various SCPs will make appearances, as will some of the Mobile Task Forces (but not strictly speaking in this season). Second, you'll see a lot of Silent Hill. I became a fan of both Silent Hill and Creepypasta at the same time, so they're closely related for me. I think Silent Hill could have been a creepypasta itself, and it's certainly spawned plenty of CP-ish fanfictions. So, you'll be seeing Pyramid Head and Alessa Gillespie quite a bit, certainly more than the SCP.

Ok, I've prattled on enough. First episode should be out soon. I'm still trying to wrap up the SirenxEvan thing.

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